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Just wanted to say that I have a new piece up on my website. I'd post it here, but I still like my Spoiled piece better than this one, so I don't want to push Spoiled down... unfortunately. So, go see at Furiae - I hope you'll like.

A friend of mine has wonderful imagination when it comes to games, and he's poking around at doing a board game for my Furiae world. The creature in my new image is for the game (well, for the entire Furiae world, really, but it will be used in the game). I'm very much looking forward to what he'll do. I can't wait to test the game... I think I need only sit down and go over the map before we can give it a bit of a go.

Meanwhile, love you all, and I'm sorry I'm not around much. Work is taxing and what time I have to spare, I spend with my friends and my cat. And movies. I watch lots and lots of movies.
People frequently ask me for the tools of my trade. I'll tell you right away - I have an old screen, and I'm getting a new one, soon. Something good. The one I have doesn't match up with the machine. So I can't advice you on that, but....

My computer is a BOXX -

In my opinion, they make the best computers for digital artists. So far the only 'crashes' I've had have been related to my idiocy, not the computer, and I have no issues what so ever in any kind of way.

As for digital pens - there's nothing like a Wacom. Honest.

I use an older version at home, but the Intuos 3 is excellent: I've got access to one at my other job. You've never drawn quite so smoothly.

As for programs... I go Adobe Photoshop CS AND Corel Painter IX. People always ask me which one is the best - I say, they're best in combination. Use both. For different things. I refuse to choose - it's like trying to pick between chocolate and ice cream. Can't be done.

Some news :)

Thu Apr 6, 2006, 6:08 AM
Why I'm so busy - and where can you find my updated stuff?

Hi everyone :) Sorry I'm not around as much as I used to be, but I guess that's what working a lot does to you.

I'm on an absolutely wonderful project now - for a movie called the Golden Compass. If you've not heard about it, take a look at IMDB... I think it will be wonderful, I have such respect for the director and everyone on the project seems lovely. I get awesome job offers quite frequently now, and it looks as if though I might jump head-first into yet another project when this one is done. I love my job!!

Meanwhile, I'm trying to entertain my demanding cat Azrael, as well as spend at least a little time with my good friends, but it's stressful. I guess my online 'life' is what's been suffering,and as of late, I've stopped with icq, email and even forums to some extent because there's no time to spare... So apologies for those that feel neglected. I wish there were more hours every day, but right now there's not ;)

I promise I'll be back when all of this slows down though. For now, is where I update with little sketches now and then, aside from my webpage on

And if you want some nice merchandise, I'm selling poster books here:…

Big hugs!

My Ladies of London AND Into Your Eyes are now available as prints :] Have at them! :D
Turns out that it was a mistake of the other kind. Not the kind where they compared my picture to another and decided mine was the fake one, but the pressing the wrong button and doing a normal, mortal mistake kind.

I suppose I can live with that. Still sucks, and it was still one of the few times I've been honestly pissed off for a long while, but it's understandable. No one's perfect. I'm going to stick around for the time being at least. Sorry for the big upset, everyone, I was just so pissed off to find a letter about the picture's removal in my note box - if the former had been true, I -would- have left even if the picture was returned. But, yeah, anyway.

Much <3 to everyone, and to the admins for explaining the situation.

Devious Journal Entry

Fri Apr 15, 2005, 10:50 AM
Probably leaving.

Just wanted to say buh-bye to Deviantart, because it looks like I'll be packing up my things and going.

I really like the place, but when someone can actually get my Nightly Forests picture removed because some moron in another place is using it and claiming it as theirs, that's when I start feeling a little unappreciated. There were no attempts made to contact me: the picture was just pulled without any kind of research to back it up (if there had been research, it would have been blatantly obvious that the piece isn't just mine, but that I sell it on t-shirts and I made it quite a few years ago).

As a result, I think I'll return to CGtalk and keep my pictures to that place and my own gallery. So, cheerio, see you guys later - have a lovely time <3

Guys, girls - after many, many requests I've finally updated my site with another tutorial. This time, it's about painting lips. Hope you enjoy :]

(oh, and if you didn't know - go in through the gallery, you'll find it)
Please, please, please. I really do appreciate the effort, folks - it is so sweet of all of you to look after my interests. It is, however, becoming impossible for me to respond to all the emails and the notes regarding the t-shirts and postcards being sold with edited versions of my work.

I know :]

It's all legal. Don't worry, it's all good. A thousand hugs to all of you <3

Just a little update.

Mon Aug 30, 2004, 4:59 AM
SIGGRAPH, books, random.

Hey all :]

Just wanted to say - great to see a few of you at SIGGRAPH. I had an awesome time there, and I sincerely hope you did too.

As random news, my book is coming along nicely: it's taking longer than I previously thought it would be, but it's looking better than I believed, so that's all okay.

Also: the book I went to SIGGRAPH to sign is available at - it's a tutorial/art book that I have worked with three other artists to make. Do check out D'artiste, and if you have some cash to spare, I promise it's worth your while.

Yawn, yawn, yawn.

Anybody care to yawn with me?
Just thought I'd put the notice here.

-I- did the designs for the 'The Mountain' t-shirts. I did. They're commercial designs and I'm getting a weeeeee bit tired of people accusing me of stealing my OWN work. Look the company up - it's easy enough - you'll see that the designs on those t-shirts are copyrighted to a Linda Bergkvist.

Then take a second look at my name. What is it? Fjodor Van Klump? No. It's Linda Bergkvist. Stop flaming me for making money off of my own work ;P
Whee :} is up and running again, and cgnetworks did an interview on me.

Life is good. ate my webpage. Please standby for movement of it.

I'm now up to 8210 notes. Notes that completely consist of... *cue twilight zone music* favourites. I can't, like I've said before, check my notes anymore. Connection too slow for it. Again, I'm sorry, but I just can't.

Check Exposé for some of my images by the way :D I'll have four of them published in it.
My homepage has been launched :D
I am so, so, so sorry, everyone. The number of notes has now hit 3536, and that is after I've done several rounds from other computers, trying to erase quite a few.

This means that I still can't check my notes here. I am not trying to be rude to the people that write me notes, it's just that deviantart works very, very slowly for me, even without it having to road over 3k messages.

So, look at this as an apology. I simply can't look through the notes. I wish I could, but I can't.
Please, please, please…

Please, respect my copyright =(

I'm so tired of having my pictures uploaded to a myriad sites, send in all directions through email stationery, used in a thousand different websets, taken out of context and pasted into other images, or even just with the signatures replaced with someone else's.

As anyone that would bother to read my descriptions would know, these pictures mean a -lot- to me. I put a lot of heart and soul into every single one, and they're all meant to represent characters from a world I've created, and as such, they belong with their stories, and in their context, not anywhere else. I'm begging you guys, leave the images where I've uploaded them, or on your own computers as wallpapers, saved in folders, or screensavers -- but please, please, please do not, under any circumstances, upload them to the web =(

I've had my images sold, and resold, and used for commercial purposes, used on porn sites (??!), used to represent other people's stories and characters, uploaded and taken credit for as someone else's 'art', and misused and abused in all ways I can imagine... and I'm just very, very tired of it.

This is a plea for my fellow deviants not to do this. Please, show some respect... I'd really hate to take my work down from here, as it seems to be a huge source for theft right now -- all pictures here seem to end up all over the place.

Anyway... merry christmas, everyone. Thanks for listening.
Did someone just buy me a printing account? o..O


I must give someone a hug, but I don't know whoooooooo....
Soon done colouring Fate of the Blade #4... 1, 2, and 3 are already available in the stores ;}

(that's a shameless plug, by the by)
I'm scared.

1316 people.

Watching me.

Feels like there are eyes everywhere...

I had a million tons of fun on Halloween. I made my own, big, black fairy wings - torn silk and industrial looking twirls of metal. I love them. I don't know what to do with them now, though.

The costume was a dark fairy one, and this is what I looked like:…

I wish the wings would show, but they were too big to fit into the webcam =( Ah well. Err.